Wanderlust (video 2011, 30 mins) is a chronological log of video observations recorded over a year during walks in and around London. The camera remains fixed on a tripod and operates like CCTV, always recording without permission. Wanderlust works by fortuity: each video clip is a fragment of life as this unfolds in front of the camera.

Colin Perry writes: ‘In Wanderlust (2011) Bakker has captured serendipitous beauty and abjection on the streets, parks and byways of London, which he filmed over a period of a single year. Every surface ripples with tragicomic potential. Wanderlust’s mood depends on the timely distribution of elements, from the sublime (an urban fox sleeping in a garden) to the ridiculous (a trumpet player whose only visible presence is a flared horn peaking out from behind a wall).’

Since making his video work, Bakker has initiated an international Wanderlust video project. Other artists are invited to record their local version of Wanderlust, following the same approach and editing process.

US photographer Christine Carr recorded her version in 2012. Dutch artist Jeroen Huisman is participating in 2014.

Wanderlust has been screened 17 October 2013 (Bakker and Carr) at the Meantime in Cheltenham Spa; 7 July 2012 London Independent Photography, London; at the Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke, Virginia, USA, 21 February 2012; Meantime Multiplex 2011, Cheltenham Spa, 6-25 November 2011 and Crouch End Open Studios 7/8 May 2011.

Wanderlust Roelof Bakker

Wanderlust (Roelof Bakker, video 2011, 30 mins), still from video