Recent video films

The Other Side of the Hedge

A printed dummy of an unpublished artist’s book is reappropriated and reinvented as a narrated short film. Inkjet-printed pages showing photographs made during a canal-side walk, are the raw materials for spontaneous play with paper, shape, sound and video.

The film includes a soundtrack of birdsong recorded at The Queer Hut, a self-assigned residency at a desolate wooden structure on a disused railway track overlooking fields in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Included in BABE (Bristol Artists Book Event) 2021 at Arnolfini, Bristol 17-18 April 2021. Playlist of artists’ films at

The Other Side of the Hegde, high definition video, colour, sound, 4:40 min, 2021


An animation of cyanotype prints made from one negative merges into a video fragment of the same scene. Text written and read by collaborating artist Jane Wildgoose during a live event, accompanies the animation. Here the words, taken out of context, become a comment on the dynamic relationship between muse and photographer, subject and viewer, of watching and being watched. 

Eavesdropping, high definition video, colour, sound, 1:37 min, 2021

What Colour My Lungs?

What Colour My Lungs? combines a video record of the illegal disposal of waste at a London building site after dark, with a selfie video record of an asthma attack brought on by an unknown trigger resulting in a violent coughing fit. In the video, Bakker asks, ‘What is it I breathe in everyday? What colour my lungs?’

What Colour My Lungs was included in ‘Surveillance, Sedition and Shelley’, a Bookmarks/Riversmeet Press event, 27 February 2021.

What Colour My Lungs?, high definition video, colour, sound, 1:26 min, 2021